French’s Double

You'll need both hands and plenty of napkins
with this over the top burger!

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Slow Cooker
Chipotle Chicken

Honey, mustard and chipotle blend perfectly for mouthwatering
chicken that’s so good and so easy to make!

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Savory Roasted

Tossing veggies with mustard instead of oil cuts
the fat and seals in flavor.

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Raspberry Mustard
Dip N Sauce

With only 2 ingredients, this sweet and savory sauce pairs well with
everything from fruit and veggies to chicken, pork, and fish.

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Hearty Antipasto

All of the delicious flavor of an antipasto on a
sandwich. Great for a crowd, simply layer ingredients
on a large loaf of Italian bread, then cut into slices.

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Simply Better

This hearty chili is the perfect addition to
your game day menu!

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Ideas for Family and Food

Here at French's, we're dedicated to creating savory meals for all occasions. Here are a few new recipes from our kitchen.

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