Green Bean

The quintessential casserole for the holidays.
A creamy mushroom sauce surrounds tender green

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Crunchy Onion
Bacon Potatoes

Creamy potatoes with crunchy onions, cheese and bacon
are a delicious addition to your party menu. Make this dish the day
before and simply pop in the oven for no-fuss entertaining.

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Turkey Sandwich

This quick cranberry infused sauce transforms your leftover
turkey into something special. Piled high with leftover stuffing and
mashed potatoes - it's Thanksgiving on a bun!

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Party Mix

An easy snack to take along for outdoor barbecues and picnics
and perfect for parties. French's Worcestershire Sauce is the secret
ingredient that deepens the flavors in this snack mix.

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Ideas for Family and Food

Here at French's, we're dedicated to creating savory meals for all occasions. Here are a few new recipes from our kitchen.

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