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COOK TIME 15 mins
PREP TIME 5 mins

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1 cup FRENCH'S® Classic Worcestershire Sauce

2 to 3 lbs. London Broil or flank steak

4 tsp. steak seasoning or salt and pepper to taste


POUR Worcestershire over steak in deep dish. Refrigerate 30 min. or up to 3 hours. Drain steak and season.

GRILL steak over high heat about 15 min. for medium rare, turning once.

PLACE steak on serving plate; let steak rest 10 min. before slicing.

Nutrition Facts:

Serving Size 4 oz (113g)
Calories 187
Fat 9g
Saturated Fat 4g
Carbohydrates 6g
Fiber 6g
Protein 30g
Cholesterol 77mg


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reviewed by: cnprpl | Sep, 19, 2010

" We love steak and use Worcestershire sauce in many recipes and marinades. This recipe fits in perfectly with our lifestyle and dinner choices. "

reviewed by: sherrysmithnoble | Sep, 19, 2010

" There's nothing better than a well-cooked steak. The Worcestershire brings out the natural taste of the steak and the combination is simply delicious. By the way, my family loves to eat steak covered with French's French-fried onions. "

reviewed by: kowgooom | Sep, 19, 2010

" It has an incrediable flavor and it's so moist and juicy! "

reviewed by: gohan108r | Sep, 19, 2010

" This was fantastic the other night when my family and i made it turned out beautifully...frenchs you guys are awesome "

reviewed by: lerudner | Sep, 18, 2010

" Simple and tasty--Worcestershire sauce is our favorite marinade. "

reviewed by: bperry2 | Sep, 17, 2010

" We all love flank steak..and this looks like something we can start marinating quickly after work, and then cook later for dinner. "

reviewed by: knwatson | Sep, 17, 2010

" I have boys who are top wrestlers and they crave protein all the time. The addition of French's Classsic worcestshire sauce amps up the flavor of any piece of meat without adding hardly any calories. It is a perfect and simple marinade and a great condiment as well! "

reviewed by: obrienh3 | Sep, 17, 2010

" My family loves grilled beef and often likes a sauce to flavor it. I think the worcestershire sauce would add a great flavor to an already good cut of steak. "

reviewed by: opsalg | Sep, 16, 2010

" We do not get to eat steak very often, but next time we do we will be using this recipe! The Worcestershire sauce will give it the perfect twist! "

reviewed by: nancyaheath | Sep, 16, 2010

" My family loves steak and marinating it in French's Worcestershire Sauce will make it absolutely mouth-watering. Adding the seasonings right before grilling, will give it just the right zip. This steak is something I could serve and be confident I wouldn't get any objections from any of my picky eaters! "

reviewed by: a1heatingandairsc | Sep, 16, 2010

" Since my family loves french's worstershire on their burgers, I know they will love it on their steak! "

reviewed by: drstill | Sep, 16, 2010

" French's Worcestershire Sauce not only adds a wonderful flavor to this cut of beef, but it tenderizes it to a texture exceeding that of more expensive cuts while even kicking the taste above them at the same time. "

reviewed by: sdculbertson | Sep, 16, 2010

" Steak is the favorite of all fourteen of us in our family and for many years French's Worchestershire Sauce has been our marinade for steaks. "

reviewed by: cafs47 | Sep, 15, 2010

" French's and steak on the grill are a winning pair. It is one of our favorite foods. "

reviewed by: MarknBaltimore | Sep, 15, 2010

" Everyone in my household love steak, and the French's Classic Worcestershire Sauce has the best flavor. "

reviewed by: ptoth | Sep, 14, 2010

" Our family is crazy about FRENCH'S Classic Worcestershire Sauce on all cuts of beef.FRENCH'S DOES BEEF BETTER! "

reviewed by: kkrococo | Sep, 14, 2010

" Love the savory flavor of French's and love sirloin. Love to cook out on the grill and always looking for new and delicious recipes for the grill. This sounds fantastic and makes my mouth water just thinking of carving it up and eating it! I have purchased French's for over 35 years! Thanks for sharing! God bless! "

reviewed by: rhemingway61 | Sep, 14, 2010

" Worcestershire Sauce adds a unique flavor to steak which is better than all other steak sauces. "

reviewed by: JonathanCsMom | Sep, 14, 2010


reviewed by: lrjordan | Sep, 14, 2010

" My family loves steak and this variation sounds great. "

reviewed by: gunnerdog812 | Sep, 14, 2010

" we love the tritip done this way everyone asks for the recipe "

reviewed by: tayloscott | Aug, 30, 2010

" Everyone in my family loves steak, and the flavor of Frenchs Worcestershire Sauce is incredible!!!! "

reviewed by: viajeromundo | Aug, 30, 2010

" Because it's so easy to prepare and the Worcestershire Sauce provides the extra something that makes everyone say Ummmmmmmmmm! "

reviewed by: sweepermom1022 | Aug, 26, 2010


reviewed by: daintie54 | Aug, 25, 2010

" French's Worcestershire Sauce is great as a marinade, we have used it for years. For less tender cuts of meat, we have used a blend of French's Worcestershire and French's yellow mustard - you can even grill a should roast it will be delicious, tender and flavorful. Try this one too! We are meat eaters around here, even at the beach! "

reviewed by: lowep | Aug, 25, 2010

" Always looking for easy, outdoor grilling recipes. This gives us another option besides chicken and burgers using a less costly cut of beef. Definitely will try. "

reviewed by: alexsobell | Aug, 21, 2010

" Because it is the only recipe that could be Kosher. "

reviewed by: agregg69 | May, 28, 2010

" We love steak and this is the way a local restaurant does it as well. Quite tasty "

reviewed by: tfoeller | May, 27, 2010


reviewed by: tim.lyon1 | May, 27, 2010

" looks yummy "

reviewed by: caborja78 | May, 27, 2010

" We have tried this recipe and love it! "

reviewed by: lautel | May, 27, 2010

" Because I read it out loud and my husband said 'MMmmmmm!' "

reviewed by: jjohnston | May, 26, 2010

" I think my family would love this recipe because it looks like it has a lot of flavor and when they like something, that means they will eat everything on their plates. That makes me happy because then they won't throw it away and I'm not out a lot of money. I can't wait to try this. Thanks! Jody "

reviewed by: sosa487 | Apr, 27, 2010

" Preparation seems to be simple; not too many ingredients that would turn even the most finicky eater of our family off. "

reviewed by: cculver | Apr, 26, 2010

" I have a picky eater in the household - my 17 year old son will only eat steak and chicken and it has to be very simply made. It can't have a lot of seasoning on it. This recipe sounds perfect and my daughter and I as well will enjoy it. "

reviewed by: daveboehme21 | Apr, 26, 2010

" You just can't beat a good steak that is seasoned just right. My family will love the steak, and a greenbean casserole with french's fried onions will be great. "

reviewed by: rounds | Apr, 26, 2010

" They love grilled steak and the French Classic Worcestershire Sauce gives it an added tang. "

reviewed by: xo5sweetness5ox | Apr, 26, 2010


reviewed by: davidkey1 | Apr, 26, 2010

" my family loves steak from the steakhouse but we have trouble getting it seasoned just right. we all love the flavor of french's onions so i think this will be a hit. "

reviewed by: bjcok | Apr, 26, 2010


reviewed by: mleonlee | Apr, 26, 2010

" My family would like this recipe because we are always looking for different ways to flavor our steaks. "

reviewed by: sfarkas | Apr, 26, 2010

" We love steak and this is an easy marinade. "

reviewed by: info | Apr, 26, 2010

" My family enjoys grilled foods. And, I like to sear. Steaks and chops are transformed with Worcestershire! "

reviewed by: jvanhorn | Apr, 26, 2010

" Nothing goes better with steak than French's Classic Worcestershire Sauce. It's complex flavor brings life to all dishes, but when it's used on a grilled steak, the results are magic! My family and I tried this recipe last weekend and it was delicious! "

reviewed by: LoneBomber | Apr, 26, 2010

" We're from TEXAS and love steaks. The FRENCH'S Worcestershire Sauce puts a new zing in TEXAS TASTE. "

reviewed by: bethdent77 | Apr, 25, 2010

" Yummy and easy to cook "

reviewed by: search2511 | Apr, 24, 2010

" easy to follow directions "

reviewed by: flyin_eagle216 | Apr, 24, 2010

" With grillin' season in, it just makes our mouth's water thinking about it! "

reviewed by: tracieswopes | Apr, 24, 2010

" Ilove steak and I tried this recipe and my family loved it. It makes my husband feel as if he is "the bomb" on the grill..but we all know its this recipe. Thanks! "

reviewed by: talexand | Apr, 20, 2010

" My family has been doing this for decades already.... No French's Worcestershire sauce, no meal. "

reviewed by: Nataliemiz | Apr, 20, 2010

" We like simple, real food with a twist. Gooy recipes are not for us.I've done Worcestershire on roast and its great so grilled steak will be even better. "

reviewed by: jiggsthedog | Apr, 14, 2010

" With summer coming up, I look forward to a tasty way to grill for family and friends, simple, tasty, easy. "

reviewed by: Sonjaz1974 | Apr, 14, 2010

" My family LOVES a good grilled steak! And with a busy schedule, its quick and easy to prepare and with the simple ingrediants, its easy to pack along to grill while camping or simply having a day at the lake! "

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