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COOK TIME 10 mins
PREP TIME 10 mins

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1/2 cup teriyaki marinade sauce (such as Veri Veri® Teriyaki)

1/4 cup FRENCH'S® Classic Yellow® Mustard

1 tsp. minced garlic

2 bell peppers, cut into chunks

1/2 cup sliced green onion, 1-inch pieces

1 lb. boneless chicken, cut into 1-inch cubes


MIX teriyaki sauce, mustard and garlic; reserve.

HEAT 1 tbsp. vegetable oil in large wok or skillet. Stir-fry vegetables 3 min. until crisp-tender. Transfer to dish.

STIR-FRY chicken in same wok or skillet about 5 min. until well-browned. Return vegetables to wok. Add reserved tangy teriyaki sauce. Cook 1 to 2 min., stirring, until heated through and glazed.

Tips from French's

*or teriyaki baste and glaze sauce.


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reviewed by: punkbeiner | Nov, 14, 2011

" I loved making this dish,I did add a little grated ginger which only added to the intensity of the meal. "

reviewed by: brohep63 | Sep, 23, 2010

" The mixture of the teriyaki sauce and French's Yellow Mustard give this dish the flavor it needs oveer the white rice "

reviewed by: sunscaper | Sep, 22, 2010

" We love stir-fries in my household. The mix of sweet/sour/tangy is just an automatic winner. Plus, it can be served with rich. or by itself. "

reviewed by: kc | Sep, 21, 2010

" This Tangy Teriyaki Stir-fry covers so many food groups, but more importantly, it is easy to make and you end up with an incredibly flavorful and satisfying dish. "

reviewed by: jm_ahexomega | Sep, 21, 2010

" This dish has a wonderful variety, including vegetables, fruit, protein and starches as well as great texture and color. My family adores steamed rice and that classic teriyaki stir-fry flavor. We've made Thursday French's Teriyaki night! "

reviewed by: stephanie.karn | Sep, 21, 2010

" My children can be picky eaters but they love asian flavors especially with rice! THis is an easy dish to make and everyone will enjoy. "

reviewed by: isiesid | Sep, 20, 2010

" we love teriyaki on a lot of foods but I have never tried it with French's mustard...I'm sure we will all love this receipe. "

reviewed by: posterick | Sep, 20, 2010

" We love stir fry. This recipe looks like it would be quick and easy to make, but with the mustard it should have a good flavor boost! "

reviewed by: ebchet | Sep, 20, 2010

" We are starting to try Asian recipies and this was SUPER EASY and everyone loved it! Thanks! "

reviewed by: mboart | Sep, 19, 2010

" They love stirfry and this one includes the tangy taste of mustard along with the traditional taste of Teriyaki. "

reviewed by: colquitt1157 | Sep, 19, 2010

" Because it is easy to prepare and have all of the ingredients for a balanced meal. Also, my mother likes tangy flavors, so this recipe gives a different twist on a familiar dish. Thanks French's. "

reviewed by: djwith2 | Sep, 19, 2010

" Here in southwest Texas we like spicy and tangy food and the combination of teriyaki and French's mustard provides the perfect tang. Great taste. The family has grown up on rice, teriyaki, and chicken but now, this provides a new zany to the to our plate. "

reviewed by: jillmccord | Sep, 16, 2010

" It is truly an all-in-one meal with a ingredients to enhance the flavor. Quick and elegant. "

reviewed by: mymollycat1 | Sep, 16, 2010

" Very easy to prepare, but turns out delicious! "

reviewed by: mijikaiadoresu | Sep, 15, 2010

" It's so easy to make, and it really has a nice flavour with it! Wonderful! "

reviewed by: elew1213 | Sep, 15, 2010

" We love stir-fry and love teriyaki chicken, so this makes for an amazing healthy, delicious flavor combination. "

reviewed by: bkglass | Sep, 15, 2010

" My husband loves to try new recipes! "

reviewed by: johnsonnor | Sep, 15, 2010

" Cannot wait to try this recipe since we love stir fries and this recipes has some of our favorite ingredients. "

reviewed by: frenchlady2 | Sep, 15, 2010

" Because the frenches will give the oriental dish a twist and zang in flavor. This dish is a lot more detailed then the others. I know it is good. I am a great cook and I can tell by the ingredients used that the flavor is exciting. "

reviewed by: kathrynj | Sep, 14, 2010

" Simplicity of the recipe. Mustard added correct amount of zest. "

reviewed by: kendallkd | Sep, 14, 2010

" First of all we just love some chicken! But when you put teriyaki sauce, mustard and garlic together it just make the meal better. I love it also because it's boneless chicken. the onion makes everything taste right. "

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