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COOK TIME 15 mins
PREP TIME 5 mins

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1 1/2 tbsp. oil

2 cups chopped onion

3 lbs. lean ground beef

2 cups barbecue sauce or ketchup

1 cup FRENCH'S® Classic Yellow® Mustard

1/2 cup FRENCH'S® Extra Tenderizing™ Worcestershire Sauce

2 pkgs. (15 oz. each) hamburger slider rolls (about 24 rolls)


HEAT oil in large pot. Saute onion 3 min. until tender.

ADD beef to pot. Cook until browned, stirring to separate meat. Drain well.

STIR in barbecue sauce, mustard and Worcestershire. Simmer about 5 min. until flavors are blended. Spoon on slider rolls.

Tips from French's

Tips: This recipe may easily be halved for family night. For parties, put out your favorite toppings such as shredded cheese, coleslaw or crunchy FRENCH'S French Fried Onions.


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reviewed by: reviewtest | Jan, 10, 2012

" Delicious! My kids love them "

reviewed by: themichels4 | Oct, 25, 2011

" How are they I'm trying them this Thursday what would you rate them "

reviewed by: j.stitzel | Feb, 10, 2011

" We loved 10 year old thought it was so cool because of the small buns. Will use this recipe again and again. "

reviewed by: ett_bennett | Aug, 29, 2010

" The Bennett family would love Sloppy Joe Sliders because the kids love to eat anything on a bun with lots and lots of ketchup. Besides Sloppy Joes and on our menu almost every week. "

reviewed by: ELLERMSL | Aug, 29, 2010

" This recipe is easy, fast, and nutritious. Exactly what my family of 5 needs at the end of the day. "

reviewed by: susanblellock | Aug, 26, 2010

" My kids love sloppy joes and these are easy enough for anyone to make. "

reviewed by: kelliane | Aug, 25, 2010

" My kids love sloppy joes, they also love things that look like they are kid size... "

reviewed by: cgate93 | Aug, 25, 2010

" These are a wonderful alternative to a traditional hamburger. "

reviewed by: thefamousbadboy713 | Aug, 24, 2010

" My Fav...MMmmmmmmm =) "

reviewed by: donna_ely | Aug, 23, 2010

" This recipe is almost exactly the same way I have been making sloppy joes for 30 years from the time I was a young bride and through the years of raising my children. This includes years of being the chairperson of a concession stand held during a community holiday craft bazaar. The sloppy joes (50 lbs.)always received rave reviews. Such a crowd pleaser for all occasions! "

reviewed by: coyjanemarie | Aug, 23, 2010

" This will be better than our favorite can" of Sloppy Joe.""" "

reviewed by: gailsmessages | Aug, 23, 2010

" Recipe looks tasty and probably quick to prepare "

reviewed by: m39e39 | Aug, 22, 2010

" quick and easy with right flavors "

reviewed by: paulandamy | Aug, 22, 2010

" It's a fun and fast recipe that we can make together as a family and enjoy ANYTIME! "

reviewed by: BGreg50 | Aug, 21, 2010

" They love sloppy joes and the smaller size is great for serving at a buffet type meal and for those of us trying to cut down on calories".""" "

reviewed by: pinkandblackcrazy | Aug, 21, 2010

" As a college student this will be easy to make to fed a large crowd or just a girls night in "

reviewed by: nwpeck | Aug, 21, 2010

" My family LOVES this recipe! It is quick and easy, always comes out right! Also, with teenagers learning to cook, this dish, already a family favorite, was a great way to ease them into cooking! "

reviewed by: boxcar | Aug, 21, 2010

" quick and simple and not to mention good "

reviewed by: salabiso | Mar, 22, 2010

" My family loves small-sized sandwiches, and sliders are just the right size for them! The sauce looks tangy and savory, and I know they will love it. "

reviewed by: shepsells | Mar, 21, 2010

" Sliders are so cool today - easy to eat and fun for all ages. I can see serving them as hoursdourves or the main entree. Thanks for the recipe! "

reviewed by: valarie1 | Mar, 21, 2010

" Because sometimes we need something quick and easy and this is something everyone in the family can enjoy. "

reviewed by: Galinda39 | Mar, 21, 2010

" Since they're in smaller proportions than a regular hamburger/sloppy joe, this recipe may heighten their interest to actually eat them. "

reviewed by: kdcanderson | Mar, 19, 2010

" It is a simple recipe and an all-time favorite....even with my son who is a picky eater! Plus it takes no time at all to prepare after a busy day! "

reviewed by: chevt2002 | Mar, 17, 2010

" Because they like to be sloppy when they eat.(they are only 9 and 5). The other reason is because i already make them and they love it. "

reviewed by: MinsPansy | Mar, 16, 2010

" Where do I begin? The recipe is quick and easy! Everyone LOVES sloppy joes for any special occasion or just a family dinner! If I happen to have leftovers, which is rare, this recipe tastes just as great warmed up the next day and that makes for less wasted food! My three year old daughter is a very picky eater but doesn't even hesitate to dig into her 'joeys'! This recipe has stood the test of time because it speaks for itself! Thank you French's! "

reviewed by: usanamama | Mar, 14, 2010


reviewed by: Nick651 | Mar, 13, 2010

" Sounds very tasty, and it seems simple and quick to make "

reviewed by: correctmugshot | Mar, 13, 2010

" I vote for the looks tasty and easy to make. "

reviewed by: kelstin | Mar, 12, 2010

" Nothing takes you back to your childhood like sloppy joes. And the tang of French's mustard makes this recipe extra special! What a way to reminisce and make new memories with your children all at the same time. "

reviewed by: dawndaybreak | Mar, 11, 2010

" I think my family will love this recipe because what's not to like about a sloppy joe :-) The recipe looks super simple, easy and fast. And with French's ingredients you can't go wrong :-) "

reviewed by: heykiki | Mar, 10, 2010

" A timeless classic with an updated look! Sloppy Joes are a Monday Night tradition at my house. "

reviewed by: Bumgarner | Mar, 09, 2010

" I have two children. Trying to please both is extremely hard to do. This is a simple recipe that I know they will enjoy. (ALMOST) NO VEGETABLES INVOLVED! "

reviewed by: shane02 | Mar, 09, 2010

" My family will love this recipe because it looks simple to make and sounds delicious to eat! "

reviewed by: ambcam | Mar, 08, 2010

" seems like a quick and easy way to add good flavor, kids will like it "

reviewed by: fobus1 | Mar, 08, 2010

" It reminds us of Zip Burgers at the Root Beer Stand in Huntsville, AL during the '60's "

reviewed by: mikel62 | Mar, 04, 2010

" With the Addition of French's mustard it gives the sloppy joe's a bite something that awakeins the taste buds . "

reviewed by: dusty | Mar, 03, 2010

" We do not like the pre-packaged/jarred sloppy joe choices in the store. We usually use plan ketchup because of this. These additional igredients make them so much better (especially for the adults)! Plus, my seven year old loves sliders! It's a great way to get them to have fun with food while not playing with their food:) "

reviewed by: Nikki777 | Feb, 08, 2010

" Love mini food,tried the recipe and it is great:) "

reviewed by: janicereilly | Feb, 07, 2010

" Easy to fix and fun to eat! "

reviewed by: akiss50 | Feb, 04, 2010

" Love sloppy Joe's ever since I was a kid. This brings back those memories. It is even better today with this easy recipe. "

reviewed by: shecandoit | Feb, 02, 2010

" My kids love the sliders, and they like Sloppy Joe. This would be a big favorite for them "

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