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COOK TIME 20 mins
PREP TIME 5 mins

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2 cups (4 oz.) FRENCH'S® Original or Cheddar French Fried Onions

2 tbsp. all-purpose flour

4 boneless, skinless chicken breast halves (about 1 1/4 lbs.)

1 egg, beaten


Place French Fried Onions and flour into plastic bag. Lightly crush with hands or with rolling pin. Transfer to pie plate or waxed paper.

Dip chicken into egg; then coat with onion crumbs, pressing firmly to adhere. Place chicken on baking sheet.

Bake at 400°F for 20 minutes or until chicken is cooked through.

Nutrition Facts:

Serving Size 1 breast
Calories 407
Fat 24g
Saturated Fat 9g
Carbohydrates 15g
Fiber 0g
Protein 30g
Cholesterol 161mg

Tips from French's

Look for FRENCH'S® French Fried Onions in the canned vegetable aisle!

Tips: For a sweet and tangy taste, substitute 1/4 cup FRENCH'S Honey Mustard for the egg when coating the chicken with the onion crumbs.

For easy clean-up, coat baking sheet with vegetable cooking spray.

Even Crispier Chicken Tip: Bake chicken pieces on a rack to let air underneath or turn over after 15 minutes.

To make onion stck Tip: If chicken sizes are uneven, add another egg to increase adhesive layer. Make sure onions are well crushed.


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reviewed by: FriPilot | Aug, 03, 2014

" For some reason, I forget to add the flour about 80% of the time. This doesn't seem to have any adverse effects. Is the flour used as an additional binder with the egg? At any rate, this is one of my Go To chicken recipes. I always enjoy it with a veggie side. "

reviewed by: ndeej44 | Feb, 27, 2014

" I love this recipe, as does my family. Somewhere I saw the recipe with parm. cheese and panko in onion coating. That was also good. Another idea I've tried is using it on fish. It was extreme good and have made fish that way several times. Great fish tacos with a twist. "

reviewed by: brennamickow | Dec, 22, 2013

" I have made this recipe many times and I have found the best way to get the onions to stick is coat with egg then flour then the onions and if you choose to use aluminum foil then spray it with cooking spray first to stop it from sticking "

reviewed by: diamondlife08 | Oct, 02, 2013

" It's a Keeper! I followed the directions but I seasoned the chicken and the onion coating for a kick. I also floured then dipped in the egg before coating. I baked it in a pan on a rack so both sides could cook at the same time. Spray the rack with cooking spray so it does not stick. Make sure you beat your coating mix really well so you do not have too many big pieces. "

reviewed by: rvgonefishing | Jul, 01, 2013

" Use whatever additional seasonings you like before adhering the onions. I added Dixie Fry instead of flour as well as parmesan. Seasoned with lemon pepper and salt. If your chicken sticks to the foil, I always cut up raw onion rings and place the chicken on top to prevent any type of sticking. Works great for any baked chicken, fish.... whatever! "

reviewed by: jmarkknowles | May, 12, 2013

" Mother's Day May 2013. Last minute decision to cook at home for my wife, Mother-in-Law, and Mother..along with three of our five children. This recipe has been used in the past, , and was enjoyed by almost everyone. So, doing most of the chickens with french's fried onions and the others with lemon pepper, garlic and onion blend. Changed the recipe slightly: mixed the egg(s) and flour together, dip the chickens, coat with french's onion, and then bake. Worked out fine, but still haven't converted the non-believers. "

reviewed by: thriftymama22 | Apr, 19, 2013

" Very good taste and easy to make. Will definately make again! "

reviewed by: ashlee9845 | Apr, 01, 2013

" This is amazing stuff!! Instead of the egg, I lightly coated each side of the chicken with mayo...Love it!! Tastes almost like crunchy fried chicken! "

reviewed by: rmccraw | Feb, 15, 2013

" So, I substituted two packs of ranch dressing mix, instead of the flour...and I put hot sauce and milk in with the eggs(used 2). I had to really press the onion mixture onto the chicken, but I baked it on a baking stone...turned out picky kids kept asking for more. I didn't make enough! GREAT recipe! Will be making again soon! "

reviewed by: jlgetsinger | Feb, 11, 2013

" An absolute favorite for my family, we have also had the Crunchy Onion Pork Chops and loved them too. Easy to make and lots better than fried chicken. Yummy!! "

reviewed by: pmejiaburke | Dec, 21, 2012

" This was wonderful! Before placing my chicken on the cookie sheet, though, I slathered the sheet with some olive oil. For additional flavor, I dribbled a bit of olive oil on the chicken, too. It didn't stick to the cookie sheet and was very moist and delicious. I'm definitely fixing this again! Now I'm off to explore the other recipe possibilities! "

reviewed by: lindajobazil | Dec, 13, 2012

" I cut the chicken breast into tenders and make them as chicken fingers. My kids love them (so do hubby and I!) I have made them with and without dipping them in flour before the egg and the flour really does make them better. We use honey mustard for dipping. These would make a great party nosh! "

reviewed by: vze1691z1 | Dec, 05, 2012

" Made this for the first time tonight. I added a cup of fresh grated parmesan cheese to the recipe. My husband loved it. "

reviewed by: k.schuenemann | Sep, 30, 2012

" My kids could not get enough of this. This has become one of our favorite dinner entrees. "

reviewed by: themummy80 | Sep, 18, 2012

" I love this recipe. I also like making it with BBQ sauce instead of egg. Soooo good! "

reviewed by: mockingbird77024 | Sep, 04, 2012

" OMG! My niece cooked dinner one night & made this meal as seen & OMG, I was literally singing with each spoon full....LOL....I recommend this recipt for everyone who loves to cook & ut bnot spend a lot of time in the kitchen. For the vegetables: Frozen Vegetables Aisle - Steamer Vegetables - Green Giant Potatoes w/String Beans in Creamy Sauce....yummmmmmmmmmy! "

reviewed by: tracylynn.leal | Aug, 04, 2012

" You need to flour the chicken, then dip in egg, and lastly in the onion crumbs. This is standard process. The way you have listed does not produce the same results. "

reviewed by: sandra_thelemaque | Jul, 26, 2012

" it will be my first time cooking this receipe for my boyfriend and i excited and nervous at the same time so i cant wait to cook it for him on saturday :) "

reviewed by: ChrisM1982 | Jul, 03, 2012

" This turned out very well! I used a food processor to crush the onions, and used a broiling pan to keep it from sticking. I turned the part of the broiling pan with the holes upside down, so that the chicken wouldn't lay flat on the pan. I also used honey mustard, that I doctored by adding more honey, to coat the chicken before dipping it in onions. Tasty! "

reviewed by: Reddtif | May, 08, 2012

" I LOVE this recipe DELICIOUS :-) "

reviewed by: estenzel43 | May, 06, 2012

" if your chicken sticks to foil,which it usually does, I use parchment paper to line my pan,it never sticks.I also love the cleanup. "

reviewed by: jlynch2355 | Apr, 19, 2012

" well tonight i try the frenchws fried onions on my chicken and i must say it did not come out the way the pics show in fact they hardly even stuck to the chicken was not very please with it maybe i did something wrong but i did do what the recipe said thank you "

reviewed by: madeleinebs | Apr, 07, 2012

" I followed another reviews idea about dipping chicken in flour, then egg, before pressing in onions. I did this and it turned out great. I placed the chicken on foil on a baking sheet in the oven on 400 degrees for 20 minutes, flipping them after 10. However, I found that the chicken stuck to the foil. Does anyone know of a way to make it NOT stick? I might spray it before hand, but not sure. I made chicken flavored rice with broccoli and cooked carrots with the chicken. It was so good!!! My husband barely said anything. Even though the chicken somewhat stuck to the foil while baking it was still very crispy!! I made this last night and I we are looking forward to having it for leftovers today!!! I cannot wait to make this again!! :) "

reviewed by: colleen.richards23 | Mar, 28, 2012

" I always wanted to try this recipe. I tried it, and I loved it!! "

reviewed by: dhutc1 | Feb, 06, 2012

" Great recipe! Needs a little extra seasoning though. Don't forget to salt and pepper both sides of your chicken breast before breading otherwise it is a little on the bland side. Other than that, it's great! "

reviewed by: amanda.arnold | Jan, 12, 2012

" One day while driving home, my 6yr old (whos recently decided he hates veggies)-says in the most serious voice "Mom can we go to the store, we need to go to the canned vegetable aisle" I nearly wrecked the car out of amusement and astonishment! After maintaining my composure, I asked him why we needed to do so, and proceeded to tell me that he would like to have "French's Crunchy Onion Chicken" and that we could get them there. Laughter contained once again. We headed to the store. A) Kids are such suckers for marketing and B) this is one time I approved. This chicken has turned out great every time I've made it. Like most others, I season my chicken prior to coating it- and turn half way thru the cook time. Can't really mess this one up. I am only writing this review because once again this morning my now 7yr old, requested this for dinner, and once again I had to run out and grab some more onions! "

reviewed by: wasson_julie6414 | Nov, 21, 2011

" This recipe is great! I did it a little different I dipped the chicken in the flour then the egg and finally coated it with the french fried onions. It makes the onions stick better. My family loves when I make this for dinner!! "

reviewed by: paradisereign | Nov, 16, 2011

" I marinated the chicken I used in Fresh & Easy's Ranch Dressing overnight and dipped it in the crushed onions...delish! "

reviewed by: sme | Nov, 04, 2011

" I love this chicken!!! I HATE to cook, have no desire to cook, and anything I "cook" tastes like CRAP. But, I'm a cooking champ with this recipe. I'm having it for dinner tonight. The only thing that I did differently was season my chicken with salt and garlic powder first. I absolutely will be cooking and eating this chicken until I can't stand to eat it anymore. "

reviewed by: erinhennesay | Oct, 17, 2011

" My daughter introduced me to this recipe but with one change. Instead of flour, she used a package of powdered ranch dressing mix. Gives it that extra flavor. I've tried it with the regular french fried onions and it is ok. But with the cheddar french fried onions it's awesome. I just wish my local stores carried the cheddar. "

reviewed by: boone.jayson | Oct, 16, 2011

" Just made this. I thought it turned out excellent. I made no changes except I cut up the chicken into strips before coating. I thought it had enough flavor just with the crushed onions. I turned them once and I made sure coat the baking sheet really good with cooking spray - I think this makes the difference with crunchiness. They were very crunchy and delicious. To those who thought the coating didnt stick make sure to press the chicken down hard into the coating mix and it will stick well. I do that when coating any chicken. I paired it with Zatiran's Vegetable rice and steamed garlic broccoli. My husband kept saying how good it was. I will definitely be making this again. "

reviewed by: kjvmalachi316 | Oct, 13, 2011

" I read the other reviews before I tried this dish and here are the changes I made and I must tell you i was AWESOME! First, I rubbed my cutlets with fresh garlic. I also added a little garlic powder, seasoned salt and black pepper to the crushed onions and flour. I then dipped the cutlets in my egg mixture (egg beaten with horseradish) and placed them in a baking pan brushed with olive oil and baked for 20 minutes in a already preheated 400 degree oven. Note: No mentioned it but I turned mine at 10 minutes to assure both sides were crunchy. My family loved it and can't wait for me to make it again. "

reviewed by: tjmaxheart | Oct, 12, 2011

" I followed the recipe to the tee and it wasn't crunchy and the onions did not stick to the chicken as much as I thought it would...any suggestions? "

reviewed by: eandsspivey | Oct, 09, 2011

" We use the french fried onion rings on fish filets also. It is wonderful! "

reviewed by: momof4gr8kdz | Oct, 09, 2011

" Just made this chicken with a couple of minor changes. I honey mustard, melted butter, seasoned salt and garlic salt for the first step of coating and then the crushed onions with crushed butter type crackers added. It was delicious!! Very moist and crunchy! Will do this one again! "

reviewed by: waynekathy | Oct, 05, 2011

" I cooked this last night with high expectations and not so great results. I followed instructions almost to the letter, but did add a little garlic powder and lemon pepper. Cooked it at 350 instead of 375 for a little longer (maybe that was my problem??) It turned out pretty plain with not a lot of flavor and basically no crunch at all!! My pallet does not require highly salted or spicy food, but this was really way too bland!!! "

reviewed by: margaretrose711 | Oct, 02, 2011

" Hey Y'all, Greetings from Atlanta! Try this - Buffalo wing sauce and bleu cheese dressing mixed half and half, sufficient to coat & slightly marinate the chicken. I used chicken tenderloins so the marination step only took 30 minutes. Add celery flakes and crushed celery seed to taste to the crushed onions & flour. Just for grins & giggles I added a few shakes of garlic powder, too. Bake @ 375 degrees for 20 minutes. Use additional bleu cheese dressing for dipping. REALLY yummy take on buffalo wings. Enjoy! "

reviewed by: lm.espe | Sep, 22, 2011

" I make this with a garlic and butter marinated chicken breast and my family absolutely LOVES it. That I'm sure helps with the bland flavor I saw a few comments on. "

reviewed by: rlburton | Sep, 21, 2011

" I made this for dinner tonight. This was so gooood. I fixed green beans and roasted garlic and herb potatos yummmmmm. "

reviewed by: tws95501 | Sep, 20, 2011

" I was bored with chicken and then one day my friend suggested i try chicken with frenchs onions so i did and i totally love it! it's so crunchy and moist with the not to strong flavor of onion, perfect! "

reviewed by: miss_sontag | Sep, 18, 2011

" When I make this the onions don't really stick to the chicken. Suggestions?? "

reviewed by: mamoobarbie5663 | Sep, 14, 2011

" one reviewer asked from where did the cholesterol come. I am sure it comes mostly from the egg wash, when I make this dish I am using only egg whites from a box, dijon mustard only or a combo of both. I don't know if the FRIED onions has much cholesterol, but that could be another source. I will check that when I go to the store for the few ingredients I still need. "

reviewed by: yocarol5 | Sep, 11, 2011

" I am makeing it right now .I will serve broccoli with cheese sauce and sweet potato with it. Yum Can't wait till it is done . "

reviewed by: bjullock77 | Sep, 05, 2011

" Finally made this but didn't have eggs so I used peppercorn ranch dressing instead of the egg. It turned out super yummy. Also added parmesan cheese to the crushed onions. "

reviewed by: nrsjess | Sep, 04, 2011

" This has been a family favorite for a while now. I add Italian seasoning and pepper to the mixture and a bit of lemon zest as well. This is a family/guest hit. LOVE FRENCH'S!!!!!!!!!! "

reviewed by: carrielamar | Sep, 01, 2011

" I've been wanting to make this for awhile and tonight I finally had the chance. Thankfully I read the reviews before cooking and got some good pointers. Because some said it was bland, I added cayenne, and garlic powder to the onions. I decided to go with chicken strips for more onion to chicken ratio, like someone else mentioned. I cut each breast into 2-3 strips and coated in Dijon mustard before dipping into the onion mixture (no egg needed). I placed the strips on a wire rack over a baking sheet (spray both) and baked at 375 degrees for 20 minutes. They came out perfect - crunchy and moist inside!!! The whole family loved them (even my onion haters, lol). Thanks for the advice everyone! We served with cheesy mashed potatoes and sauteed veggies with a touch of ranch seasoning. Great meal. "

reviewed by: crazeknot | Aug, 30, 2011

" I fix the pork chop reciepe & the whole family was lick-n- thier fingers!!! "

reviewed by: hunnibears | Aug, 30, 2011

" I added lemon zest to the mixture, and then sprinkled fresh lemon juice over the finished product......extra yummi Claude "

reviewed by: GYarbrough4195 | Aug, 30, 2011

" This recipe went over very big with all of the guest at my wedding reception the chief prepared enough for 125 people and there was none left. The guest gave high praises to the chief. "

reviewed by: rachelwages | Aug, 22, 2011

" This recipe is AMAZING! I fell in love with it from the first bite and I am actually planning on making it again tonight (I just had it 3 days ago). The only thing I did differently was beat the chicken breasts a bit to flatten them. I think it made a world of difference, in my opinion because the ratio of the french's onions vs. chicken was more equal. Anyway, I loved it. Highly recommend! "

reviewed by: whit3604 | Aug, 13, 2011

" MOIST,JUICY, TENDER JUST PERFECT! Kids and hubby loved it, kicked it up a notch using a tablespoon of honey mustard to egg wash and a sprinkle of parsley! 375 degrees works best I think, especially when breasts tend to be rather large, takes about an hour at this temp with large or thick pieces of meat. I used a foil wrapped baking sheet. After eating thought black pepper would also be a nice touch without it being too spicy like red pepper would be. Whenever I try something new I ask the family to vote on whether we should have it again,I got a resounding YES!!!!! and My son, HATES onions LOL Thanks French's! "

reviewed by: Badas217 | Aug, 05, 2011

" If you follow this recipe as is it tends to be a little bland. I always like to improvise so these are my tips. I add about a cup of panco bread crumbs to make the onions go a little further and to give a better crunch also a little bit of pepper and garic power to your tast, also i add about 2 heaping tablespoons of dijon mustard to my egg wash. It makes the world of difference and definitely makes the dish pop. YUMMY!! "

reviewed by: mike101457 | Jul, 20, 2011

" This is oh so good. Chicken is oh so moist. But where is all the cholesterol coming from? YIKES "

reviewed by: onceuponascrapbook | Jul, 15, 2011

" This is one of my favorite recipes ever!! Worth making! "

reviewed by: brandi9292 | Jul, 11, 2011

" I am only 19 and i am cooking this for my boyfriend and my granny! im crossin my fingers this turns out how it smells! "

reviewed by: broadway_bound98 | Jul, 11, 2011

" I made this recipe for the first time tonight and it was amazing! I can't believe how easy and delicious this recipe is. Thank you, French's! "

reviewed by: bees_gate | Jul, 10, 2011

" I made this for my husband and he loved it. I did add 1 tsp dried dill to the onion-flour mixture and it was AWSOME!! Will defintely make this dish for family and friends. "

reviewed by: heathernance27 | Jul, 01, 2011

" I made this over the weekend for dinner & it was very delicious! Instead of dipping my chicken into egg and then dipping it into the French's fried onions I decided to dip my chicken into French's Honey Mustard and then place my chicken in a zip lock bag with the French's fried onions and do a "shake and bake" type method to coat my chicken! It turned out delicious! Very simply and great taste! "

reviewed by: pcstokes | Jun, 28, 2011

" I was looking for something new and this is a great one; quick, easy and delicious. My family absolutely loved it. Guarantee, I'll be using more with the fried onions. Thank you French's. "

reviewed by: seattlepirate | Jun, 13, 2011

" sounds great, but it has 80% of the recommendted saturated fat for the day in one piece. "

reviewed by: ancraver | Jun, 13, 2011

" I get to try this recipe tonight with my husband hope we like it. :) "

reviewed by: rholland324 | Jun, 08, 2011

" I tried this the first time at 400 F and it burned the chicken on only one side, so it didn't come out very well. I didn't give up and tried it again, with my own oven instructions. I did the chicken at 375 F for 8 minutes on each side and it comes out DELICIOUS. This is my favorite meal to cook and I put the chicken with mashed potatoes and mixed vegies= that's what is for dinner tonight! "

reviewed by: dianalyn5647 | Jun, 01, 2011

" I didn't have any chicken breast so I made it with chicken strikps. worked great! "

reviewed by: RaSanchez2011 | May, 31, 2011

" Saw this recipi on commercial!!! My husband does NOT like onions, so I rarely cook with them...but he LOVED this chicken recipi!! Thank YOU!!! "

reviewed by: theorangeshamrock | May, 26, 2011

" Saw the commercial and thought I would try it. It pleased everyone at the table and when you are dealing with an 11 and 10 year old.....that is not always an easy task. SUPER YUMMY "

reviewed by: marymblue | May, 24, 2011

" This is perfect for a quick, week night supper. My whole family liked it. I imagine it's pretty healthy too because your not using any fat. The onions probably have a little fat in them but when I read the package, I don't remember the fat grams jumping out at me... I think it was moderatly low. They make a tasty meal! "

reviewed by: sheila1957 | May, 17, 2011

" We eat so much chicken in so many ways I wanted to try something different so I used small center loin chops instead, I had the butcher slice the loin maye 1/3 inch and I coated the loins in honey mustard and then into the onions, my kids think I am a goddess now...we ALL loved it. and the pork was moist but so much flavor. "

reviewed by: amynvan | May, 15, 2011

" This is crunchy, but sooooo bland. No flavor whatsoever. Don't make this to impress guests. "

reviewed by: shantiaholman | May, 12, 2011

" Quick, Easy, and Delicious! "

reviewed by: jessica | Apr, 28, 2011

" I made this last night. It was sooo easy and soooo delicious! It was juicy and flavorful and I did not add ANYTHING to the recipe! My picky husband loved it and even ate it without ketchup (which he loves adding to chicken). lol. Huge hit! "

reviewed by: mamawoocie | Apr, 26, 2011

" My husband doesn't eat a lot of chicken, but he LOVES this recipe! My 2 year old son loves to sit and eat the french fried onions on their own. Great recipe! "

reviewed by: moomasters | Apr, 26, 2011

" Just made this last night for the first time. I added some cayenne for a little kick and boy was it good! Definitely going to make again! "

reviewed by: msflores0422 | Apr, 19, 2011

" I made this recipe last night and it was a hit. My kids and husband loved it. "

reviewed by: mayfieldkryston | Apr, 15, 2011

" I cooked this recipe for my family & they LOVED IT & so did I! I will be cooking this regularly especially since it is healthy and I'm on a diet! A++ in my book ;) I fixed it with macaroni & a tossed salad (baby spinach & romaine lettuce with red vinagerette dressing! AWESOME MEAL! Also I used French's Honey Mustard to coat the chicken instead of the egg! I will never use the egg! Honey Mustard is the way to go!! "

reviewed by: tweetylove80 | Apr, 14, 2011

" Just tried this tonight but used pork chops instead works great. Love it will definitely use again. "

reviewed by: ktw129 | Apr, 14, 2011

" Our family loves this recipe. We did away with the egg and used ranch dressing. My daughter who is picky, picky, picky regested more. I know the ranch adds calories but is well worth it for a once and while treat. "

reviewed by: freebiequeen65 | Apr, 09, 2011

" I made this for dinner tonight. It was SO GOOD! I made it with brown rice and peaches. I really had to keep myself from over eating it was so good!! The only change I made was the temperature, I cooked it at 350 for 30 minutes. The chicken was sooooo moist and juicy...yum! I am going to try it with pork chops next time. "

reviewed by: emilyww | Mar, 15, 2011

" I tried this tonight and it was so good! Quick and easy! The family liked it! "

reviewed by: lurker501 | Feb, 23, 2011

" Excellent recipe. But we took it a step further. After the chicken was done, we put a some mozzarella and Parmigiana on it, melted it in the broiler, and served our favorite pasta sauce (Mid's) on it with some pasta. A kicked up Chicken Parmigiana! "

reviewed by: dah_1222 | Feb, 21, 2011

" Delicious.....added a sprinkle of spices for added zest.... AND!!!!!!...mix some French's onion in your homemade chicken die for..... "

reviewed by: j.stitzel | Feb, 10, 2011

" Oh my gosh!! This was yummy, the only bummer thing was that the bottom was soggy. Suggestions?? "

reviewed by: dpsjes | Feb, 10, 2011

" I love this recipe! I add a sprinking of Lawry's Seasoning before baking. Excellent! "

reviewed by: bcearle | Feb, 09, 2011

" This is a good recipe. Chicken was moist. Make sure it is completely thawed if you use frozen. I would add some season salt and pepper if I make it again. "

reviewed by: sunfire | Jan, 28, 2011

" Really delicious.....crunchy, oniony, juicy, healthy chicken breasts! Follow French's tip like I did, and put the chicken on a greased rack over a baking sheet.......super crispy results. "

reviewed by: tonya_n_ark | Jan, 25, 2011

" With two picky eaters in my house, I was hesitant to try. They gobbled it up! Hooray! Finally a solution for those nights when an easy, healthy, yummy meal is needed!!! Thank you. "

reviewed by: winie4022 | Jan, 24, 2011

" i tried this recipe and we loved it "

reviewed by: kirbycourt | Jan, 18, 2011

" Does the chicken need turning over during cooking? I'm wondering if the bottom is perhaps not so crispy unless you turn it. Thinking, too, about that tilapia! Shouldn't the same concept (turning over) apply? "

reviewed by: hschiza | Jan, 12, 2011

" I made this dish last night and it was great.. My husband has to eat things with low salt and this was perfect.. He love it... Thanks, Hope Summerlin "

reviewed by: bleep219 | Dec, 23, 2010

" I made this recipe for my family for the 1st time not knowing how they would like it being that my family is kinda picky but they really did love it "

reviewed by: camielouis | Dec, 18, 2010

" Has anyone tried the crunchy onion chicken using the honey mustard instread if the egg? "

reviewed by: cajonzoneron | Dec, 12, 2010

" 20 minutes?Only if you like your chicken rare/raw "

reviewed by: fentskooldance | Oct, 17, 2010

" I made this for me and my dad, he loved it! I recommend this to anyone! Its a great meal!!! "

reviewed by: dawnpoynter | Sep, 21, 2010

" I added some garlic powder and parsley to the onions before i family loved it...the chicken was tender and juicy! Will definately make again! "

reviewed by: tsburnett421 | Sep, 17, 2010

" We tried this recipe about a year ago and it immediately became one of our favorites! "

reviewed by: coop613 | Sep, 17, 2010

" Because they love French's Fried Onions and Chicken. What a great combination. And it is easy to prepare and time-saving. "

reviewed by: sstarr_ca | Sep, 17, 2010

" we love FRENCH'S Original French Fried Onions. We put them on our steak, top our chili and our burgers so adding them to our chicken is perfect. "

reviewed by: kaohanson | Sep, 17, 2010

" Because I never made anything close to this, they love onions, chicken & anything crunchy. "

reviewed by: chellymoon | Sep, 16, 2010

" The crunch texture feels like you fried, but without the guilt! "

reviewed by: maxxh31 | Sep, 16, 2010

" We tend to eat a lot of boneless skinless chicken breasts. The crunchy french's french fried onions are one of our favorites! I just know that the husband & kids will love this recipe! Gonna try it now! "

reviewed by: darinlisa | Sep, 16, 2010

" Everybody loves baked chicken in our house and, with two teachers around, the easier the recipe the better for all of us. "

reviewed by: jasamarsh | Sep, 16, 2010

" A perfect alternative to regular breading...We love the crunch and flavor of the french fried onions on the chicken! "

reviewed by: bobs1joy | Sep, 16, 2010

" Once again French's has created another way to love chicken with this exceedingly simple to prepare, tasty baked chicken recipe! How much better can it get? "

reviewed by: whatwouldalicedo | Sep, 16, 2010

" I make this dish all the time and my family loves it! This method of cooking chicken has inspired all kinds of crispy chicken recipe experimentation and a family contest for the spiciest and crunchiest version. So far, parmesan cheese and cajun seasoning have been the winners for add-ins at our house. "

reviewed by: dilger5 | Sep, 15, 2010

" We love baked chicken and we love French's french fried onions!! The two combined is perfection!! "

reviewed by: leandra.berry | Sep, 15, 2010

" I love the crunchy, tangy flavor of French's French Fried Onions combined with fresh, juicy chicken! "

reviewed by: rak203 | Sep, 15, 2010

" French Fried Onions are always a hit in our house and everyone loves chicken! "

reviewed by: gbruggs | Sep, 15, 2010

" The chicken with the Frenchs Fried Onions give it the right crunch. "

reviewed by: arx21xo | Sep, 15, 2010

" I absolutely LOVE French's onions and this dish is so easy to make! "

reviewed by: dwhiteaker | Sep, 14, 2010


reviewed by: fuzzyduck3 | Sep, 14, 2010

" My family loves this recipe because of the crunch on the outside of the chicken along with the flavoring of the onion! "

reviewed by: marymedak | Sep, 14, 2010

" My family will love this recipe! We like to try new chicken dishes, and we all really enjoy French's fried onions in other recipes, even the grandkids! "

reviewed by: evapt | Sep, 14, 2010

" My family loves baked chicken with different spices, and the onion flavor (and added crunch) would be a nice surprise. I love that the recipe looks simple, but delicious. "

reviewed by: alisharts | Sep, 14, 2010

" My boyfriend and I both love to cook. Having a salad on the side would be great for me, and as for my boyfriend, extra chicken is the way to go. This looks great. "

reviewed by: nbalwaysalady | Sep, 13, 2010


reviewed by: christyluv19 | Sep, 13, 2010

" This recipe included my one weakness...French's French Fried Onions! The onions added a crispiness and special flavor that you can't get with flour coated chicken. In addition to the taste, this dish is baked which cuts down on the unecessary oil used for frying. This is definitely a favorite dish in my house! "

reviewed by: colmanning | Sep, 13, 2010

" Love the crunchy and tender chicken! "

reviewed by: em1775 | Sep, 10, 2010

" This is a great recipe. the kids look foward to dinner when I tell them what we are having. Also being a single father this is a quick mealtime fix that is healthy and delicous. GREAT JOB. Looking foward to many more. "

reviewed by: teneciacallier | Aug, 31, 2010


reviewed by: alwogden | Aug, 25, 2010

" The Frenchs Fried Onions really add to the chicken. The kids love that it is crunchy and they absolutely love the sweet taste of the onions when they cook. "

reviewed by: kdskogen | Aug, 22, 2010


reviewed by: gannyjanjan | Aug, 22, 2010

" They love this recipe already. I made it the other night it was quick and very good. Much better than just plain broiled chicken. I will add this to my family meals. "

reviewed by: 1atlantanative | Aug, 21, 2010

" French's Original French Fried Onions wake up the chicken with flavor. It makes the chicken yummy. "

reviewed by: mariej_prickett | Aug, 21, 2010

" The chicken is so tender. Awesome served with garlic mashed potatoes and veggies! "

reviewed by: alexapolasky | Aug, 21, 2010

" It's simple and delicious. We also love those gosh darn french fried onions. "

reviewed by: centregator | Jun, 10, 2010

" It's great to have something besides the same boring chicken meal. This is anything but boring! "

reviewed by: nine | May, 07, 2010

" My children,all 7 of them, are pickey eaters but when I made them this recipe they ate every bit of chicken on their plates and asked for more. Needless to say, my husband and I ended up eating sandwiches for dinner that night because the kids ate ours too! Now I make it once a week for dinner and since I homeschool my children I even had them help and make it for lunch! It is easy and delicious! "

reviewed by: msverm | May, 06, 2010

" We all love French's fried onions for side dishes and we really like chicken dishes. This will be a new exciting recipe to try and surely looks like it could be a family favorite. The picture with the bean and potato sides looks fantastic also. We can't wait to try it! "

reviewed by: rtubbs1 | Apr, 04, 2010

" 4 ingredients, 4 steps and in under 30 minutes you have a flavorful dinner any night of the week, what's not to love? "

reviewed by: tonynjen10 | Mar, 18, 2010

" My family already loves this recipe. This is definately a keeper for the cookbook! Keep up the great work. "

reviewed by: mrsdardar | Mar, 17, 2010

" My family really loves the FRENCH'S crunchy onion chicken recipe.It is very fast and so easy to make,and finger lickin' good.With some mashed potatoes and a good vegetable makes my families meal complete.My Granddaughter even helps me with dishes if I make her this crunchy delicious meal. "

reviewed by: cassidyberman | Mar, 17, 2010

" We eat chicken all the time and we all love onions so this is the best recipe you guys have came up with. We LOVE IT!!! "

reviewed by: rjshapiro | Mar, 17, 2010

" We love this recipe! Oh my gosh, it is the best chicken we have ever had. We had it with original onions, and I served it with mashed potatoes, fruit and salad. Thank you French's French Fried Onions! "

reviewed by: cater.kershaw | Mar, 16, 2010

" Chicken breast is a staple meal item in my home. Its nutrious, versatile and easy on the wallet. This recipe is easy, quick and not to mention tasty! I can throw this in my dinner line up without worry because the fried onions go great on the side salad and even on the plate as a side! "

reviewed by: Kisha5 | Mar, 16, 2010

" My children cleaned there plates.It was amasing its hard to find a meal they all enjoy. Thanks "

reviewed by: Rizzomak | Mar, 16, 2010

" It looked so good in the commericial we're having it for dinner tonight. "

reviewed by: LisaS | Mar, 15, 2010

" We love the french onions on green bean cassarole. What a great idea to add as a coating on the chicken. We already have the green bean and irish potatos in stock. This will be our dinner tonight. Thanks for the help :) "

reviewed by: distracted21 | Mar, 15, 2010

" This recipe seems simple enough to make on a busy day and its something i know my kids will love! "

reviewed by: jamispeakman | Mar, 15, 2010

" French's French Fried Onions are one of my favorites to cook with. Usually I make my famous Green Bean Caserole with them but I recently tried this recipe and found a new favorite to share with the rest of my family! Great job French's, keep em' comming. "

reviewed by: vvining | Mar, 14, 2010

" I fix this at least once a week for my family and it is always a winner! "

reviewed by: BillA | Mar, 14, 2010

" This recipe turns a plain chicken dinner into something special. The crunch combined with the onion flavor really jazzes things up! "

reviewed by: Agnus | Mar, 04, 2010

" This recipe has everythin that my family loves French's original French Fried Onions and skinless chicken breasts. Add a crunch with very little fuss. "

reviewed by: ssmcdt57 | Mar, 01, 2010

" I found your chicken onion recipe in a magazine. It is everything a Mom could ask for, inexpensive, fast, easy,heathler than frying, everyone loves it because it taste so great. I do believe because it so crunchy. I have a added a special topping to put on top or the side it that makes it one step better to eat. I have given this recipe to my 2 sons on is in collage and has to cook for him self and he likes it when I make it for him at home so he wanted the recipe to take with him. He has has 5 roommates and has serve it to some of them and they all like it and when he makes it once a week they all look for some to eat he also made it for his girlfriend and of course loves it and now gave the receipt to her Mom to make for her family. This is what everyone wants Easy Quick and it's only one or two things in the cupboard. I will contuine to look over your other reciept. Tanks! Terry Curtis "

reviewed by: bluesky | Feb, 28, 2010

" I tried the frenchs fried onions crushed for breading on tilapia and baked it and my family loved it. I know the chicken will be good as well. As a matter of fact, we are trying this chicken recipe today. "

reviewed by: bluesky | Feb, 28, 2010

" I tried the frenchs fried onions crushed for breading on tilapia and baked it and my family loved it. I know the chicken will be good as well. As a matter of fact, we are trying this chicken recipe today. "

reviewed by: tamera4243 | Feb, 23, 2010

" We saw this recipe on the television and I ran out and bought your product for the first time. The chicken was so easy and quick and delicious. Very juicy and tasty. Every bite disappeared. "

reviewed by: tamera4243 | Feb, 23, 2010

" We saw this recipe on the television and I ran out and bought your product for the first time. The chicken was so easy and quick and delicious. Very juicy and tasty. Every bite disappeared. "

reviewed by: someonefamiliar | Feb, 22, 2010

" My family loves chicken. My husband and son also eat French Fried onions by the hand full. So it makes for a delicious dinner and 2 very happy boys. "

reviewed by: someonefamiliar | Feb, 22, 2010

" My family loves chicken. My husband and son also eat French Fried onions by the hand full. So it makes for a delicious dinner and 2 very happy boys. "

reviewed by: sweepster49 | Feb, 03, 2010

" I eat lots of chicken and am always looking for new ways to change it up a bit. This is a great idea and will taste delicious. "

reviewed by: sweepster49 | Feb, 03, 2010

" I eat lots of chicken and am always looking for new ways to change it up a bit. This is a great idea and will taste delicious. "

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