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French's® Sooo Creamy & Light Mild Mustard Blend

Who needs 3 times the calories and 20 times the fat of mayonnaise when you've got the new FRENCH's® Sooo Creamy & Light mild mustard blend?

It combines the subtle tang of FRENCH's® Classic Yellow® Mustard with the creaminess of mayonnaise but with only 33% the calories and 5% the fat. Unlike mayonnaise, FRENCH's® Sooo Creamy & Light contains no egg-based or oil-based ingredients.

Hold the mayo and try FRENCH's® Sooo Creamy & Light; your tuna sandwiches and chicken salads will never be the same.

*Based on one tablespoon of Regular Mayonnaise and one tablespoon of FRENCH's® Sooo Creamy & Light

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