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Oven Fried Roasted Potatoes with Savory French's Mustard Dipping Sauce

posted by nhanna73 Sep 22, 2009

These french fries are absolutley delicious and a big hit at every dinner party/BBQ that I have ever served them at, they are a definite crowd pleaser!

Pomme Frites FRENCH'S Style

posted by nhanna73 Sep 22, 2009

Who doesn't love eating french fries out of cone? These are perfectly crunchy with the help of double frying the french fries. They take a little more time but it is worth it! And the lemony rosemary ...

Magical Mayan Burger

posted by hollywood65 Jul 2, 2009

This recipe brings smiles because it's a very different twist on a burger, and oh my the bacon. It's the greatest bacon you've ever had!

Sweet and Savory French's Double Decker Deluxe Cheesy Sliders

posted by nhanna73 Sep 22, 2009

Everyone loves a great cheeseburger and sliders are very popular right now, but there are not many double decker cheesy sliders. My husband likes these so much we ate them two nights in a row :)


posted by food-fusion Aug 19, 2009

This one is ALWAYS delicious and ALWAYS brings lots of smiles!

Green Tomato Bake Green tomatoes (especially for homegrown garden-growing families)

posted by food-fusion Aug 17, 2009

When it tastes GOOD, what is, is!!! My family loves this one ~

Ch-easy-onion bread

posted by cathyjade Jul 9, 2009

It looks beautiful when you unfold the tinfoil from the top.

Beef (or Chicken) Stew

posted by wuzwild1 Aug 9, 2009

Not only does this recipe feed alot, it's inexpensive to make and has a wonderful flavor to it. The combination of the French's worcestershire and the lemon pepper are what makes this stew the best!

Fall Harvest Pasta Bowls with Candied Bacon

posted by nhanna73 Oct 2, 2009

Two words - PASTA & BACON


posted by food-fusion Aug 13, 2009

For added SMILES, I cut small sails from the cleaned cucumber peels and thread onto a toothpick - placing one atop each yummy boat.

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