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Crabby Apple Patties

posted by moldenburg Sep 10, 2009

I love cooking, and watching people eat!! this makes me smile

Spicy Southern Potato Salad

posted by Melissa24 Jul 24, 2009

My father loves spicy foods. I came up with this recipe for him and it has been a big hit with the family. I make it for our family get togethers and it satisfies the hot pepper lovers as well as th...

shrimp and rice

posted by cjmoraes Sep 20, 2009

because it tasts so good!

Crowd Pleaser Baked Beans

posted by rrshep Jun 28, 2009

The unusual flavor of the molasses in these beans gets rave reviews and repeated requests.

Mashed What...?!

posted by food-fusion Aug 11, 2009

Easy to prepare, healthy and delicious eating.

Sweet And Tangy Pork Chops

posted by tmh29141 Jul 4, 2009

My mom used to make these when we were kids. As an adult I called her and asked her how she used to make those yummy pork chops. She revealed, ketchup and mustard. I never would have guessed. With the...

Apple Stuffed BBQ Chicken

posted by amyvan Oct 18, 2009

My little girls are 2 and 4 years old. Every time we go food shopping they are allowed to choose one kind of fruit they would like to buy. My challenge is to incorporate the chosen fruit into a recipe...

Corn Cats and Mustard

posted by MissKittyKat Oct 27, 2009

You need at least two bottles of mustard, because everybody wants to draw their own cat. Corn dogs had their due, lets give cats a chance. Giggle ! Kids love this and the adults feel like kids aga...

Reuben Sandwich Hotdish

posted by naanders Sep 2, 2009

This recipe shows off the best of the Midwest. It combines a classic Rueben sandwich, invented in Omaha, Nebraska, with a traditional family hotdish recipe from Minnesota. The Rueben sandwich hotdis...

Sizzle Sauce!!!

posted by food-fusion Aug 25, 2009

This is the "French" way. : )

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