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Moist meatloaf

posted by jcool123 Jun 22, 2009

This recipe my mom made for me and was my favorite when I was a child, now it is my childrens favorite they get so excited when they hear it is meatloaf night.

Southern Style Deviled Eggs (the real deal)

posted by Sis1961 Jun 22, 2009

Every holiday and special occasion my family want me to make these! A real southern dish from a real southern belle!!!

Mincemeat Cookies

posted by MissKittyKat Oct 18, 2009

Their big smiles warm a winter’s day when family and friends try one of these mincemeat cookies made extra special with French’s Bold n‘ Spicy Brown Mustard and Worcestershire Sauce.. It adds j...

BFF Peanut Brittle

posted by MissKittyKat Oct 22, 2009

My Best Friend Forever, smiles because he thinks this is all about him. Little does he know this man-pleasing candy, is named after Bacon and French Fried Onions. The Best French Fried ! When I ...

Mama's Meatloaf

posted by traced134 Oct 19, 2009

This meatloaf is the best! It's always a race to the table when this item is on the menu. The warm, comforting feeling this meal brings makes everyone in the family smile :) Yum!

Double Onion and Cheddar Omelet

posted by MissKittyKat Oct 22, 2009

We made these this morning. Just as beautiful as the omelets at the restaurant, but without the price. Very easy for beginning cooks, with impressive results and taste. Kids love helping crush the...

Extreme Ham and Cheese

posted by traced134 Oct 19, 2009

These Extreme sandwiches are perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Tasty, fast and easy brings a smile to everyone in the family.

Beef Barbecue

posted by 1njpjean7 Jun 23, 2009

I have never had anyone refuse my barbecue. When my family come home from work and smell the barbecue their eyes light up and a big smile is on their face, no matter what type of day they had.

Scalloped Potatoes

posted by klm39 Jun 26, 2009

My family LOVES this recipe. The potatoes come out so nice and tender and the cheese mixes with the french fried onions and just gives you a burst of flavor.

Crabby Whitefish

posted by chefdaddy43 Oct 7, 2009

The kids love the name, reminds them of spongebob, and they really like that it doesn't have that "fishy" taste.

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