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Smiling Peanut-Lime Slaw

posted by lori1 Jul 8, 2009

The coleslaw comes with its own little red smiles ( cherry tomato quarters) already tossed in ! It will tickle their humor and their tastebuds as well :0)

Chicken Arcadia

posted by The_Doctor Jul 5, 2009

This is a nice Sunday meal that we often enjoy right after we return from church. The rice can be made ahead of time in a rice cooker, and the chicken and sauce may be prepared the night before and q...

Mustard crusted Lamb Chops with Wostechire Roasted potatoes

posted by tldmatrix Aug 28, 2009

Everyone that has ever eaten this recipe loves it. Whenever I tell other people how to make it they find it easy to make. This recipe brings smiled to me as well. If I know I am going to make it I can...

Chicken Empanadas Christmas-Style

posted by lori1 Aug 8, 2009

French's French Fried Onions and Worcestershire give the filling the extra smile factor. CHRISTMAS-STYLE sauce is from the Santa Fe way to get both red & green chilies on your food. Easy to make and t...

Brunch of Fun Casserole

posted by lori1 Aug 12, 2009

French's Cheddar French Fried Onions and tortilla chips make an easy crust for this versatile brunch makes us smile because we can eat it for any meal or occasion.

Penuche Bacon

posted by lori1 Jul 7, 2009

The savory-sweet & salty flavor of this treat makes you SMILE to eat just like a bowl of peanuts....or enjoy a handful on your favorite salad! :0)

Cuban Quesadilla

posted by lori1 Aug 9, 2009

French's good old Classic Yellow mustard puts the SMILE signature taste in this cuban in quesadilla form. It's fast and easy and THAT makes us all smile too !

Southwest Corned Beef Hash

posted by lori1 Aug 12, 2009

French's worcestershire puts a zip and a smile in this easy and delicious hash-in-a-hurry !

Bog Burgers

posted by lori1 Aug 12, 2009

French's French Fried Onions combine with cranberry relish to make a SMILE on your face when you eat one of these burgers!

Stuffed Shells Paprikash

posted by lori1 Aug 12, 2009

French's worcestershire sauce and salsa combine with traditional paprika to make an easy paprikash. The smiles come fromt he zesty flavor combination !

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