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Deep Dish Corndog Pizza

posted by sweetpeabakery Sep 14, 2009

You can't beat a delicious one-dish meal that's under $5.00, can prepare and bake in 30min, and your entire family loves! It has been a Hit with everyone who has eaten it. Deep Dish Corndog Pizza is a...

Maple Honey Mustard Grilled Chicken

posted by plainchicken Aug 24, 2009

This chicken is tender and juicy. The flavor of the Honey Dijon Mustard really comes through and there is a slight sweetness from the maple syrup. This is a great recipe to share with friends and fa...

Dijon Pork Chops

posted by Dreamer07 Jul 23, 2009

Having lived in Dijon, France for nearly 6 months, I was exposed to numerous dishes using the city’s specialty: mustard. Although mustard is usually thought of as a ballpark staple, Dijon mustard is...

Pike's Peak Pork Chops

posted by Peggy1942 Jul 2, 2009

The tangy taste of your baked pork chop and sweet potato are delicious. They are pleasing to the eye and are a topic of conversation at any family gathering. Not to mention all the health benefits.

Scalloped Ham, zucchini, potato casserole

posted by Gerry Oct 6, 2009

A one dish, fast and easy to prepare meal would bring a smile to anyones' face. This casserole can be made ahead and leftovers (if any) freeze well.

Honey Dijon Orange and Fennel Beurre Blanc Rib-Eye Steaks

posted by JudyA Jul 2, 2009

This is a special dinner entree that is quick to prepare. The Honey Dijon Orange Beurre Blanc Sauce compliments the aromatic fennel and tender ribeyes. As the platter is brought to the table, the sm...

Tomato Cream Slush

posted by food-fusion Sep 1, 2009

A healthy, refreshing and low calorie treat for everyone = SMILES!

Mustard Crusted Filet Mignon with Brie

posted by Steffany Jul 2, 2009

This is so easy, yet so elegant. Special enough for a dinner party or holiday meal!

Two Tone Potato Salad

posted by samralphroxy Jun 29, 2009

This is a tangy and delicious potato salad, great for picnics and barbecues. The bright flavor is a surprise and a pleasant change from mayonnaise-based potato salad.

French's Fried Green Tomato and Bacon Sandwich

posted by sixxchik Oct 26, 2009

It's a great twist on a classic BLT. The fried onions and horseradish mustard add tremendous flavors.

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