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Fried Onion Turkey Sliders w/ Chili cheese mayo

posted by yobsmom Jul 1, 2009

This is my me and my son's fave recipe,because we make it together the start of every football season,we love these sliders and football and we are so happy to have both.WE LOVE SEPTEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!

Piggy Backs

posted by lori1 Jul 4, 2009

It will make you SMILE to eat a rib without a bunch of napkins :0)

Chicago Dog Pate

posted by apronsoptional Jun 30, 2009

The recipe is based on a traditional Chicago Dog, which was deconstructed and then reconstructed into a playful, yet sophisticated version. This bite-size food is a great addition at baseball-themed p...

Honey Mustard Chicken Thighs

posted by cgblake Jun 26, 2009

It's so yummy!!!

Pork Chops with Blackberry Mustard Sauce

posted by jerilynzaveral1 Aug 25, 2009

My Family loved these chops from the first time I made them. Everytime I say I am preparing these for dinner I get lot's of "Yeah's". They are like heaven on a plate.

Brunchie Munchies

posted by tsjohnson30 Aug 23, 2009

FInally you can get all the flavors of a full Sunday brunch without having to get up early! With short prep and cook times, Brunchie Munchies have the versatility and taste to please any crowd. Whil...

Super Easy 1 Pot Chili-Mac

posted by pegasus227 Oct 12, 2009

It seems like anything with macaroni in it is an instant "comfort food" and this easy dish brings a smile to kids of all ages (including us big kids too) and this is a healthy low-fat alternative to m...

Artichoke and Fire Roasted Green Chile Turkey Burgers

posted by KMBrown91 Jul 29, 2009

My best friend cannot eat beef or pork. She was tired of the same old turkey burgers. I had some random ingredients in the pantry so I just started adding to the turkey meat to make it juicy like beef...

Double Mustard Wings

posted by vclee721 Jul 15, 2009

This recipe brings smiles to everyone who digs into my platter of wings. You get the best of sweet and spicy on fried wings. The recipe has just the right balance of all the main flavors where you can...

Sweet Sausage and Chicken with Onion and Sage

posted by padget01 Aug 11, 2009

Not only is this a great dish for dinner but if you happen to have any leftover sausage & onions, it makes a great lunch the next day - just put them on a bun with some French’s Classic Yellow Musta...

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