Congratulations to Heather Smith for Winning the 2009 Cookoff

Eggs Levittown

My 5 year old likes to make faces out of the poached eggs and and a slice of bacon. My wife thinks that she forgot our annivesary when I make this dish.

COOK TIME 10 min
PREP TIME 30 min


1/2 cup FRENCH'S® French Fried Onions

8 tbsp 4 Eggs

4 oz 2 English Muffin

1/2 cup 4 Bacon Slices

3 oz 4 Swiss Cheese Slices

1/2 cup Prepared Horseradish Mustard Vinegairette

4 tsp Chives or Gree Onion Chopped

8 cup water

1 tsp salt

1 tsp pepper


1. Preheat oven broiler for 5 minutes. Boil 8 cups of water on stove top in a large sauce pan for poached eggs. Toast 4 English muffin halves. 2. Chop bacon slices and cook over medium heat until brown (about 8 minutes). Coarsely crush the French's French Fried Onions and add to the bacon. Cook 1 or 2 minutes more (Don't let the onions burn). Remove bacon and french fried onions to a paper towel to drain. 3. Reduce water to a slight simmer and poach 4 eggs for 3 minutes. Eggs can be made ahead of time and immediately submerged in ice water. Re-heat when needed by placing in simmering water for 1 minute. 4. Place the 4 toasted english Muffin halves on a baking sheet. Place a slice of swiss cheese on each half and then put about 1 tbls of the bacon/onion combination over the cheese. Place the baking sheet under he broiler from 30 secs to 1 minute, until the cheese is melted. A toaster oven works well for this. 5. Plate the english muffins and carefully put a poached egg on each half. Add a pinch of salt and pepper on each egg. Top with about 1 tbls of the Horseradish Mustard Vinegairette. Sprinkle with chopped chives. 6. Serve Immediately.
1. I like to substitute Cheddar or Fontina cheese to make it fancy. 2. Can also be served on toast if you run out of english muffins. . Makes a tasty dinner too!!

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