Congratulations to Heather Smith for Winning the 2009 Cookoff

Chicken Arcadia

This is a nice Sunday meal that we often enjoy right after we return from church. The rice can be made ahead of time in a rice cooker, and the chicken and sauce may be prepared the night before and quickly put together. This meal fits in beautifully with our family's traditional formal Sunday lunch.

COOK TIME 30 min
PREP TIME 10 min


1/4 cup FRENCH'S® Classic Worcestershire Sauce

1/3 cup FRENCH'S® Classic Yellow® Mustard

3 cup cooked rice

3 boneless, skinless chicken breasts

1 cup imitation sour cream

1/3 cup diced red onions

1 tsp seasoning salt

2 tbsp chopped cilantro


Prepare rice (any variety). Butterfly chicken breasts to approximately 1/2" thick. Soak chicken in Worcestershire sauce for a few minutes. Heat pan on high heat on stove and grill chicken on both sides until done. During grilling, mix mustard, sour cream, seasoning salt, and cilantro in a bowl. Next, place diced onions in a small pan with a couple of tablespoons of the remaining Worcestershire sauce and cook until caramelized. Mix with rice when the rice is finished. Slice chicken into bite-sized strips. Place rice mix on a platter, cover with chicken, then sauce. Garnish and arrange if desired. Serves 6.
Best to have rice cooked ahead and reheat when ready. Chicken may be prepared ahead of time and reheated as well.

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